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Our Mission

Spaulding Education Fund is an independent, non-profit organization providing support for programs that enhance the academic curriculum of the Manchester Essex Regional School District.

About SEF

The Spaulding Education Fund (SEF) is an independent, all-volunteer community-based organization that funds grants for compelling educational initiatives in the Manchester Essex Regional School District. SEF has no endowment and relies upon the generous donations of residents and business owners in Manchester-by-the-Sea and Essex, Massachusetts. 

SEF is committed to advancing educational excellence in the Manchester Essex Regional School District by enhancing the student curriculum with innovative ideas in core learning areas such as math, science, technology, engineering, literacy, humanities, art, music, as well as health and wellness. SEF grants educational initiatives that enrich, advance, and enliven the classroom experience.  SEF helps to fulfill the most basic promise of a community – to provide excellent public education for everyone.

 The SEF Steering Committee will review grant applications submitted by teachers, administrators, students, and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). 

Grants will fund projects that impact a wide population of students as well as programs that target smaller groups. Projects that reach or affect the broad student population are imperative, while programs that demonstrate the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of smaller groups of students with unique interests or talents are also of importance.

Meet Our Team


Michelle Kempskie

Michelle Kenney

Jessica Lamothe

Steering Committee

Brooke Orr, Chair

Lisa Manganiello, Co-Chair

Kathryn Taylor, Treasurer

Sarah Wolf, Secretary

Grants Subcommittee

Lindsay Banks, Grants Chair

Maile Madigan 

Communications Subcommittee

Betsy McKeen, Communications Chair

Ellen London Crane

Ryann Hilton

Alicia Palmer

Bridget Weiler

Fundraising Subcommittee

Wendy Brady

Jen Mayer

Veronica Wu

Volunteer Corps

Tracey Morgan

Sarah Conway

KJ Carvalho

Our History

The Spaulding Education Fund (formally known as “The Spaulding Trust”) was created in memory of Josiah A. Spaulding, a resident of Manchester for over 25 years and a prominent political and business leader in the state. The vision was to bring together the many resources of the community and invest them into our schools for the benefit of the children for years to come.

The intent of SEF founders was to create a legacy for their friend Josiah or “Si”, as he was known to most of his friends. He, was an honor graduate of Yale, received his law degree from Columbia Law School and was a decorated combat flyer in World War II. He was the founder and President of the Massachusetts Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and contributed extensive time to many educational, health and civic causes. Si Spaulding died unexpectedly at age 60 in 1983.

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